President Obama meets with Global Leaders, talks about Accountability, Leadership and Change

Our Information Governance & Data Projects Director Mindy Denny, along with eight other global leaders met with President Obama to discuss accountability, leadership and change, each individual from different parts of the world (Afghanistan, Argentina, Canada, Estonia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom)to share the impacts they have implemented in their roles.

“Data is so important to good governance, planning, and evaluation, but sophisticated information management systems and data architectures do not exist in indigenous communities. I work to change that. If President Obama were to visit, I would take him to our community schools to show him the faces of next Mi’kmaq generation. I would take him to the schools because these vulnerable young people depend on their leadership (us) to make informed, evidence-based decisions that will shape healthy and sustainable futures for them to enjoy.” – Mindy Denny Union of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw

(See video below)

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